Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jimmy's Collection

Have you heard of the show on the History Channel called Pickers? Well we have and we are beginning to get sucked in. It's about the two guys that own an antique shop and they travel all over to random people's homes to rummage through their junk to see if they can buy stuff from them to put in the store. Some of these people have crazy old collections of some really cool stuff like bicycles, oil cans, cars... So seeing all of this Jimmy commented the other day that the more he watches the show the more it makes him want to collect something.

Well he finally figured it out. He is going to collect baseball cards.

Now at first I was not completely on board but he was telling me this on the phone and I didn't fully understand his project. But after he got home with his sack full of baseball card paraphernalia, a box of 2010 Topps baseball cards, a baseball card binder with pages and a Beckett, he explained the project more completely. And I LOVE IT!

He is going to buy a box of Topps baseball cards (binder and Beckett) for each baseball season since Mac's birthday. I think that is so fun! He is organizing the cards into all the separate catagories, researching the crazy numbering system of all the sub catagories, and let me tell you baseball cards have changed since the last time we looked at them, it's taking forever just to get all the stacks organized so that he can put them into the binder in the correct order. He even let me suggest saving a few unopened packs of cards for Mac to open when he is old enough. How cool!!

He said it's not about collecting the cards in order to make money later, that it is just something that they could do together. Such a great DAD!!!

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