Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Weekend

Well this weekend was pretty busy. Friday I had movie night with the girls. We watched "Fame" and by watch I mean talked through and then eventually left the movie on fast forward because it was AWFUL! Luckily I had to leave before it was over so I didn't have to endure the entire movie. Terrible movie aside, this movie night was pretty special because our awesome friend Channing is in town for 3 weeks so we got to hangout with her and she got to meet Mac, finally!

Mac and the movie night ladies...

After I left movie night I headed over to the Continental Club to watch my friends band play. It was their first appearance at the Continental so everyone was really excited about the show! And they sounded great but they always do. If you ever get the chance you should check them out, they are the Duqaines. Of course I left my camera in the car and don't have any pictures of the show!! Major FAIL on my part.

Saturday morning we took our family pictures! It sprinkled a little and was pretty hot but we survived. Mac was worn out and went to sleep before we even got back to the truck. Our photographer was awesome and really worked with Mac. He was hot and sleepy and not as cooperative as he usually is and Magan was very accommodating. Check Magan's blog out, Magan's Lens, and give her a call if you are going to need pictures!

These are Mac's new onsies, he wore the white one with his blue jeans for pictures. I got them at We Choose Joy, it's a shop at I heart Etsy.

After picture time we came home and napped for the afternoon. Then we went to the Good Luck Grill here in Manor for dinner and more of the Duqaines! Mac got to go this time and it was his first band outing! He had a good time but we only stayed for their first set because it was hot and Mac was getting tired. The food was REALLY good though, so if you like catfish and ever find yourself out in good ol'Manor, Texas you should go have dinner there.

Sunday Jimmy took us to one of his job sites. He is building a tiger cage at the Texas Disposal Systems Ranch Facility. We got to see lots of deer and various other animals. I can't wait to go back when we can go see the giraffe and the rhinos! And later that afternoon I went to my friend Jessica's birthday party and had a great time with everyone. There are tons of pictures but on someone else's camera! haha..

We had a pretty busy weekend but it was lots of fun. Maybe too much fun since I am sooo tired!! I can't wait for our family pictures to be ready so I can show them off to everyone!

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