Friday, June 11, 2010

Show Us Your Life... China Pattern

Even though I am new to blogging I am not new to reading them. I have been keeping up with Kelly's Korner for a while. Well, now that I am blogging I think I will participate in some of her fun Blog Hops! This is her "Show Us Your Life" post that she does on Fridays.

Today Kelly is talking China! I love my Mom and Mamaw's china so I picked out something that was as close to their patterns as possible. It's so simple but still gorgeous. I think we received 5 or 6 full place settings and maybe a half of another, so I don't really have too much left to purchase (or pieces of my china would make great go to birthday and Christmas gifts, hint hint for my family that is reading!!)

Lenox Continental Dining Platinum
The matching wine glass... I think I have two?! haha
In addition to registering for china I also registered for everyday dinnerware. I picked out Pottery Barn's Sausalito Collection in blanca and sapphire so I could mix and match. I. Love. It! It's heavy, durable and can survive in a kitchen with my husband!

As I was reading the blogs that have contributed to Kelly's post one post really hit me. A friend of her's was helping a mutual friend pack up his house after losing his wife. They were working in the kitchen and he came across their wedding china and broke down. He said she was waiting for a "special occasion" to use it. It had never been used.

So with this post I am going to make every effort to use my china at least once a month and on every occasion that is held as "special". We are not promised tomorrow, let's treat everyday as a "Special Occasion".

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