Monday, June 21, 2010

Pearl Snap Friday

Ok I am running a few days behind on posting but poor Mac has been sick the past few days. Friday he left daycare with a fever of 101, went to the Doctor and by then it was 103. She looked at his ears and throat and they were fine but since he had such a high fever she did a blood test to look at his white blood cell count to make sure it was not a bacterial infection. The test came back fine and he just had a virus.

When I got to daycare I noticed he had red eyes but then I picked him up and he started crying: RED FLAG! I knew he didn't feel well and noticed he was hot but all the moms were there to take pictures of all the babies that were participating in Pearl Snap Friday! All the babies looked so cute in the pictures. Mac was crying so we bowed out of the picture taking after a couple and I rocked him to sleep. He slept for about 30 minutes, woke up and seemed to be ok. We went to the room down the hall and were able to get a picture with Eli.

I left after that but had told his teacher he seemed hot and she went ahead and took his temperature. Shortly after that I got a call and I went to pick him up. It's been a rough weekend but we have managed and Mac seems fine this morning, no fever. We are staying home just so he can catch up on some missed sleep.

Here are some pictures from PSF! You can tell Mac didn't feel well :(
Clockwise from Mac: Eli, Maren, Gabe and Jack!
Eli, Mac and Gabe
Maren and Eli
Mac and Eli

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