Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend: Saturday

WARNING: This post contains tons of pictures...

I wanted to make Jimmy's first Father's Day just as specical as he made my first Mother's Day. Saturday I took him to Fredericksburg, Texas to one of our favorite winerys, Grape Creek Vineyard. They were being featured on the 290 Wine Trail and were having pulled pork sliders paired with their Grand Rouge. However, we ended up leaving the house late since Mac was not feeling well. We got there around 2pm and Willie's BBQ had already left because they had run out of food! But we still did the wine tasting and bought a couple of bottles of their Cabernet Trois, our favorite.

Of course by then we were hungry and since we missed the pork sliders the ONLY option left was to go into Fredericksburg and eat at our favorite restaurant, The Brewery. It was fantastic as usual. When we left we walked down the block and just enjoyed being in Fredericksburg. I am not kidding we would move there this second if possible.

We got back to the truck and headed to Torre di Pietra, another one of our favorites. We bought a glass of the Classico and sat outside on the patio and listened to the live band. We left just after 6pm and headed back to Austin. It was so much fun and I am so glad we got to go.

The roadtrip scenery...Grape Creek VineyardLunch at The Fredericksburg Brewery We thought it was funny that they have a Texas flag (Me) and an Arkansas flag (Jimmy) hanging next to each other and that we had never noticed it before...And Torre Di PietraOn the way back to Austin we saw a really cool Chevy truck and a Pontiac. I think the Luckenbach car show was this weekend.We had a lot of fun and I was so happy that I got to take Jimmy on a small roadtrip for part of his Father's Day weekend. We both love Fredericksburg so it was more for both of us but he had fun too ;)

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