Thursday, June 10, 2010

Round Rock Express

So for those of you who don't know Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin, is home to the Round Rock Express. They are the Triple-A farm team for the Houston Astros. We went to a game in May and I thought I would post a couple pictures since this was Mac's first baseball game ever. Even though I had my camera I managed to only get one family picture... I was a little too obsessed with getting a picture of WILL FERRELL!! He was at the game because the next day we was hosting a charity golf tourament.

He made his pitching debut as Rojo Johnson! Hilarious! I wish you could hear the music he ran out to!

He took the mound with a six pack, took a drink and offered the crowd a drink... He's so classy!!

He promptly hit the opposing teams batter and they had a small altercation and then chased each other off the field! HAHAA

He then sang "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" for the 7th inning stretch...

It was a great night and we had a lot of fun. We got rock star treatment since we were sitting in box seats!! Thanks to Jimmy's office manager, Melinda, for getting the office free tickets!!

I love you, too, Will! (It's ok, Jimmy knows)

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