Monday, July 19, 2010

6 Month Well Check (yes I know he is 7 months old)

Mac finally had his 6 month well check a month late. He is doing great! The Dr. was really impressed with his leg strength at his age and she said he would be crawling sooner rather than later. He weighed in at 22 pounds and 7 ounces and is 29 1/4 inches long, that puts him in the 95th percentile in both height and weight.

In the last few weeks he is talking more. Lots of dadada and bababa's and this weekend he let loose a lalala, which Dr. Dudley said was great since they usually don't make the lalala sound until around 9 months. I will see if he does it again, maybe it was just a fluke ;)

He can get where ever he wants to go by rocking and inching his way forward. He is increasingly interested in things above his eye level and we are now having to be careful with what we leave on the coffee table. Speaking of the coffee table it will be retired very very soon, possibly this weekend at the latest, due to the sharp corners.

Even his mobile in the crib will be coming down soon since he is now able to reach it and has already attacked it once. I guess I am waiting for the second attack before reality sets in that my baby is growing up and I have to put away his awesome mobile.


  1. I knew he was going to get the mobile, he was really strectching to reach it when I was down there last time.

  2. how about stretching not strectching.. hahha

  3. We had to retire our coffee table too -- little buggers. :o)

    Glad that Mac is so healthy!

  4. Emma is right behind Mac at a long 27 1/2 inches. She moved up to Mac's classroom today and I sat her between him and Eli. She felt right in the mix.