Monday, July 19, 2010

My Awesome Weekend

This weekend was so much fun! We had nothing planned and that was great. A weekend to do whatever we wanted! Saturday we decided to go couch shopping. We have to get new couches soon as the hand-me-downs we are currently forced to sit on are rapidly disintegrating beneath us. Not to mention they are seriously uncomfortable and Jimmy and I can't even sit on the same couch for that very reason!

So after the Cubs game was over, obviously who would leave in the middle of the game, we left the house and went to Bassett, Gage Furniture, Sofa Mart and Room Store. When we got into the truck from Room Store Jimmy said "Do you even know what kind of couch you want?" I said "Yes, I know exactly what I want" and he replied "Great that means that they probably haven't even made it yet." So I am sure you can see that we did not actually find a couch on Saturday. Which is fine. And to answer your question... Yes, Pottery Barn makes the couch I want, sadly they are too expensive and I have yet to find anything comparable. Well I did find something very close at Bassett but still pretty expensive. And well I don't really know what color/pattern but at least I've narrowed down the style?

Pottery Barn couch

As we were pulling out of the parking lot of Room Store Jimmy asked if I was hungry and said to pick a place to eat, his treat, for a little date night! :) I picked Carona Jardin and he decided we should go to Ramos. Ok, I love Ramos so no biggie. Dinner was awesome (it always is at Ramos) and we had a ton of fun letting Mac lick the lemon slice that was in our drink. He loved it! hahaa. Halfway through eating I told Jimmy that we had forgotten to go to Target to get diapers so we still had to go back to town. I said "Aww dinner and diapers, how things have changed". Hilarious! We went to Target and got the diapers, Downy fabric softner, Braveheart, baseball cards and ice cream. Date night ended with putting the little guy to bed and watching Braveheart. Nope no ice cream, we were still too full.

Sunday we got up and decided to go to church. We have both been wanting to go for a while and decided to just go. But there is always time for a nap and this is what I found in my bedroom...
After naptime we visited a church just down the street from us, they were really nice and welcoming. That afternoon we watched some tv, played with Mac, watched more Cubs baseball (I'm an Astros fan just for clarification) and ate ice cream!

It was a great weekend and I am so happy that Jimmy and I got to hang out, yes Mac was with us but that made it even better! And I can mark down our monthly date night on my


  1. Several comments in one:
    #1. Where are Carona Jardin and Ramos? I've never heard of either one!

    #2. Have you looked at the Pottery Barn outlet?

    #3. What church did y'all go to?

  2. Those pictures are too cute. Mac really is Jimmy's son. They even sleep alike!