Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Weekly Weigh-In" Week 6 (Week 2 for Me)

I am linking up with Amy over at Marvelous Mommy for my Weekly Weigh-In. Click the button below to go to her blog and read about it.

Start Weight (7/8): 206 lbs
Last Week(7/8): 206 lbs
This Week: 202 lbs

I lost 4 pounds this week! Awesome! Probably all water weight since I sweat so much while I am running!! But I'll take it either way!! I did make all my planned running workouts, even the one last Friday when all I wanted to do was GO HOME!! I run Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I wish I could get back to my pre-baby running schedule of Tuesday, Thursday and run class on Saturday. Oh well...


  1. Great job!! I wish I liked to run. I'd rather do a workout video at the AC! lol.

  2. 4lbs is fantastic!!! I'd love to lose 4 in a week. :)

    And thanks for your comment, I try to eat my green giant veggies in rosemary sauce (only 90 calories) when I'm starving at night!

  3. Way to go on the 4 pounds! I really need to start walking/running something! LOL!

  4. Great job on the 4 pounds and on reaching your goals with running!

  5. WOW!!! That is wonderful. You are doing so great. I'm not to sure about that running thing. I'm not any good at it though I'm giving it a shot. Wish I could breath when I ran instead of sounding like a freight train. One day maybe.
    Keep up the great work. Have a great and blessed evening.

  6. way to go... love the spirit!!