Friday, August 27, 2010

And The Academy Award...

for the dramatic role of "Crying Baby in Kitchen" from the drama series "My Mom Doesn't Hug Me Enough" goes to... drrrrrum rolllll...

Mac Clanin!!

Let me set the "scene" for you. Last night I was washing dishes, Mac was leaning on the cabinet door, sat down and then some how fell over. When he fell, I think he just leaned too far over to the side, he bumbed his head on the dishwasher (not me, the machine) and I just looked at him. He was layed out and I guess because I didn't stop washing dishes to run to his aid, and seriously he was ok) he had a minor melt down. Well by the time I got the camera the previous picture was all I could get because as soon as I took the picture he looked at me, realized that I was just going to take more pictures and not coddle him, sat up, grabbed his toy and started playing and talking!!!! Seriously! He went from full on crying to sitting and playing! I laughed so hard. I just wish I had been faster with the camera so I could have caught the real show!!


  1. I wish I was rich enough to keep a camera in every room. We just hit this stage (Tristan is almost two) when you ignore him he just stops.

    Cute pictures and little man.

  2. Ha ha! That is hilarious! So sweet.