Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here I Am

I haven't posted this week because I have some sinus issues going on! It's so miserable and blah and I have no energy. I haven't been taking pictures of Mac either!! SHAME!! But here are some pictures from Sunday, I was feeling better after our weekend virus outbreak! Yes, the last week and a half has been riddled with allergies, a virus, and sinus pressure and headaches!! Awesome, right? NO.

Back to the Sunday pictures. Mac was playing so nicely and entertaining himself, which he was forced to do all weekend since Jimmy and I were both laid up on the couches feeling NOT so good. He has no issue with making a disaster area while playing and doesn't discriminate against objects not typically viewed as toys such as his diaper box and a random pacifier found at the bottom of the toy basket!! haha He was chewing away on the pacifier and I put it in his mouth the correct way and he had no idea what to do with it. He just grabbed it and went right on chewing!

I can't promise to be a better blogger the rest of this week either. Friday Mac and I are headed to Mt. Pleasant for a long weekend. But I will be back on my blogging feet next week with pictures from our trip! And who knows Mac might do something blog worthy tonight that ya'll might need to hear about tomorrow... all 14 of you! HAHA!!


  1. You crack me up! The last time I saw your mom, she was SO excited that Mac was coming to see her. She might have even mentioned that his mama was coming too :). Have a safe trip home, and I am glad to be one the the 13 who read your blog.

  2. Ha h! You are funny. Cute pictures. Dustyn never took a passy, but he sure like chewing on them. Have a good rest of your week.