Friday, August 6, 2010

Growing Up

Mr. Mac is now able to pull himself up to his feet. He actually did this Sunday for the first time but had not done it again until last night. I put him to bed but he was NOT ready to sleep yet. I was watching him throught the crack in the door and he pulled himself up in the crib! The rail came up to his stomach so if he leaned over far enough he could fall out... not good...

I called Jimmy into the nursery and we decided to lower the crib. It wasn't hard at all and took maybe 10 minutes.

And Mac had fun playing on his matress while it laid in the floor.

That's much better.

We just dropped it down to the next slot but we will probably drop it down one more because teething Mac is still mouth level to the top rail of the crib and already tried using as a teething toy!!

He was so wound up after all this that I had to rock him for a while to get him to go to sleep!


  1. He's such a happy boy!
    I hope y'all have a great weekend!

  2. You know what we did to prevent biting is we took his bumper and tied it around the crib rails. Plus it was some soft cushion. Sometimes he would hit his chin or head if he was jumping in his crib. They make special things, but we weren't using his bumper anyways.

  3. He looks thrilled at his new accomplishment! We lowered A's crib a few weeks ago because I know he'll do the same thing and be able to pull himself up out of the blue one night.