Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear 2003 Ford GT Mustang Coupe

I'm sorry. Things happened so fast yesterday. I miss you. I feel like we were ripped apart and there was no closure on our time together. Thank you for getting me to and from without fail for the last 7 years. You were awesome. You ARE awesome.

We have been through a lot together and though you remained steadfast and without change you never judged me on my changing life, especially with the big change of marriage and a baby! And you have been so accomodating through it all, especially the baby. Your backseat is small and does not really work well for carrying people comfortably but despite the space challenge we manuvered around and came up with a way for baby to ride safetly in the back. With Mac in the backseat the front seat had to be moved all the way forward, eliminating the possiblity of a passenger and decreasing my right side visibility because when I looked to the right all I saw was a seat but we kept going, pushing forward regardless of our awkward situation. For that, Thank You.

I will miss your rumble and your power. Your sleek charcoal metallic shimmering in the sunlight and the way you wore your Mustang emblem so proudly for everyone to see. I felt comfortable in you and with you. I was proud to drive you around, to show you off, to have you represent me with my name plastered across your front and rear bumpers.

You were not my first Mustang but you were the first one that I bought and paid for with my own money. You were mine. You (tears, why do I never have tissues around) are not mine anymore. Please forgive me for giving you up, it wasn't easy and it was not (and still is not) without tears but it was not you, it was me, well really Jimmy. We needed more room for Mac, he is growing and soon the logistics of a baby and a Mustang just wouldn't work. I promise you didn't do anything wrong, this is not your fault. I will never forget you. I love you...

I didn't know we would be parting so abruptly, these were the only pictures I could get of you. I would have cleaned up too, had I known. I'm sorry.

My sweet MARCIPmobile - Parting is such sweet sorrow...



  1. Stupid blog... this made me cry!! What a dork am I?!?!? But it was such a sweet little love letter to your car, the tears just automatically started!

    And don't worry, I cried when I sold my red Chevy TrailBlazer in 2007. I loved that little SUV!

    And more importantly... what are you driving now?!

  2. This made me cry too. I love mustangs. You can get another when your kids grow up. LOL! :D

    Yea what are you driving now?!

  3. The power of the written word. So much emotion. So many memories. I bet we all have a love of our lives that was/is our car - our independence - the outward reflection of our personalities. Ahhhh!

    So, stop teasing us. What could ever have replaced THE Mustang?