Friday, September 10, 2010

Say Hello to Eppi

Meet Eppi, the 2006 Ford Expedition (I know I told some of ya'll it was a 96' but I misheard my husband). She is the truck that will be assuming, NOT replacing, the duties of my former MARCIPmobile. We are all adjusting nicely to the new vehicle arrangement and I can already tell we are going be happy together. Eppi has quite large shoes to fill but so far she is settling in and handling the pressure very well.

She does come with a warning, one that was also expressed by my Dad "be careful driving, this won't be as nimble as your Mustang". I saw Eppi's warning this morning, it's on the visor. I laughed when I saw it, I already knew this but it was funny to see in print and see the mini-Eppi tipping over. (the picture was taken with my phone so it's blurry)

"Avoid Abrupt Maneuvers And Excessive Speed." BOOOOO

That definitely confirms no more Traffic Checkers. The MARCIPmobile and I used to play Traffic Checkers on long trips. I would look ahead in a trafficy spot and see where my "jumps" would be and then she would expertly execute the "jumps". In and out of traffic, smooth as glass. It was fun... ahh good times.

We are proud to call Eppi a member of the family, she fits right in! Mac loves her. He gets to ride in the middle of the back seat where he is safer and he sits higher so he can see more of what is zooming past the window. He promptly fell asleep when I brought him home in Eppi yesterday so I took that as a good sign, they are comfortable with each other.

Here's to the new adventures we will have with you Eppi! Welcome Home.


  1. I like it! I am sure it is much easier then the mustang.

    I got those shoes from a local shoe store last year when I was preggo. Thanks for the comment love. :D

  2. I was going to text you this morning and say I liked your ride and that is did NOT look like a '96... but then I forgot. So thanks for the clarification! Cute truck!

  3. You will love your expedition. I am on my second one, and love it.