Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Night of Firsts

So. Last night. Mac. Took his FIRST STEP!! It was a legitimate step and a half and Jimmy and I both saw it! It will be a little bit before he is up and running but definitely on his way.

This is Mac just after his first step...

This is what he was doing while we were trying to stand him back up so he could take some more steps... he really was not into participating, the elephant was much more important and standing seemed to be too much to ask of him...

Now onto MY FIRST. Last night. I. For the first time. Made awesome POTATO SALAD!! Yay me. I think it was my 3rd or 4th attempt at the side item and it was finally good, like really good. You may think "Wow, that's lame, potato salad is super easy and anyone can make it" well I guess I am a special case. Potato salad ranks up there with Kool-aid to me as I CAN NOT make Kool-aid to save my life, seriously, I Can Not. But I have seemingly mastered the salad of potatos conveniently at the end of grilling season, none the less I did it!! (Kool-aid is a lost cause and I will not be attempting that anytime soon, if you need that call my brother he makes tasty Kool-aid.)


  1. Yay! Go Mac!!!

    I have never even attempted to make potato salad. Good for you! Looks good.

  2. Woohoo!! Yay for you & Mac!!!

    Your potato salad looks really good, too.

  3. Yay for Mac!!! Congrats on the potato salad. I've never even attempted it, but yours looks really yummy!

  4. Oh my gosh! I knew he would be walking soon! Look out, world! And congrats on the potato salad. Looks awesome.

  5. Yay Mac! And send me your yummy potato salad recipe!

  6. I can NOT make kool aid either!! But my sister makes the best kool aid in the world!!!

  7. Wow, go Mac!

    Isn't it funny the stuff that gets us excited. I bet you'll be making potato salad all the time now that you got it perfected!