Friday, October 8, 2010

Prison Break

Mac is mobile, very mobile. He is everywhere and he is FAST! It's amazing just how fast he can crawl. Jimmy keep tabs on Mac while I am cooking so that he is not camped under my feet or emptying every cabinet he can get to but he will not stay still and you are constantly chasing him down. So last night while I was cooking dinner, I look up from the sink and see this...

Jimmy had blocked off part of the living room so Mac couldn't get out! hahaa. Jimmy was sitting on the far side of the loveseat next to the other open escape route so that if Mac went that way he could just reach over and catch him and not have to get up!

(Jimmy standing in front of the open space between the couch and the wall)

Mac eventually figured out that the pillow was not much of a road block. He reminded me of Jurassic Park when the dinosaurs kept "testing" the fence for weak spots. At least the pillow was not electrically charged.

(please excuse the pile of laundry and other mess)

And he's free, he takes a duck hostage

But that doesn't stop Dad. He got put back in jail, however, he went straight back to the pillowed section and promptly escaped again. Oh well, at least Jimmy got to sit for a second. hahaa.


  1. Ha! Ha! Too funny! Have a great weekend.

  2. I love your posts - so funny! Asher 'tests' his surroundings all the time. He used to do laps in his cribs pushing on all the bars. I'm convinced he was looking for weak spots. :o)