Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday Mac and I went to the Tarrytown UMC pumpkin patch to take pictures. We met several of his daycare friends and their moms, took tons of pictures and had the best time.

Mac was not too sure of the pumpkins when we first got there. I sat him down by a big bumpy one and he was not a fan . I'm talking immediate tears! But after a while he warmed up to them, especially the little ones.
(Photo by Jocelyn)

He liked the baby pumpkins best...

And decided to see what they tasted like...

Mac and Friends...

As usual when it comes time for the big group picture... Meltdowns Happen.
(Photo by Jocelyn, I think)

Despite the tired, upset babies we trudged on and put them into their halloween costumes!!
Mac the Skeleton

Charlie Brown (Eli), Ms. Lady Bug (Emma), Cute Cow (Isaac), and Skeleton Mac.

Jazmin as Pebbles

We bought three baby pumpkins to take home and Mac picked them out. He played with the smallest one until I decided it might be better to take it away for a while...

(notice the missing chunk!!)


  1. hahahaha, I love the missing chunk! Great pictures, the kids look so cute in their costumes.

  2. Awww! So cute.

    The missing chunk is hilarious!

  3. What cute photos! I love PSF! And can I just say how awesome that Pebbles costume is - too cute. Haha! :o)

  4. AWESOME. I love that he just took a bite of that pumpkin!