Wednesday, November 17, 2010

As Promised...

walking pictures. He just gets better every day with this whole "walking" business. It's crazy. These pictures are from two different days over the last week or so.

See his plastic cup. Yep straight from the kitchen cabinet. I gave up, I just make sure he doesn't get into the cabinet with the kitchen cleaners and bug spray but all other cabinets are game because I just don't care anymore haha.

And yes, he is playing with a wooden spoon. I gave it to him to beat on the tupperware with since he is deprived of real toys... ha!

I don't even remember why I bought this storage bin because he pushes it around all of the time. I think it was/is for old outgrown baby clothes but as long as it is entertaining him it's intended purpose can wait.

This is what my kitchen looks like all the time now. I stopped trying to pick up after Hurricane Mac, I can't keep up so I just step over.

It's amazing how fast he is at walking and getting away from us even if we turn our heads for a second! He goes all over the house and as of this past weekend the new rule is "All Doors Closed" and I am currently in the market for a baby gate to keep him in the livingroom kitchen area.

And speaking of baby gates. Remeber this post "We Don't Need A Baby Gate", um yeah. Apparently he has gotten over his very short lived fear of balloons. This last week and a half he has been getting more and more brave. He would go and touch the balloon and then walk away. I would try and scare the fear back into him when he touched the balloon by grabbing him but he would just laugh. And as of last night...

He moved the balloon out of the way and went staight for the TV and cabinet! So we will be getting a gate to go around the TV as well.. ugh!! WAIT clowns are scary!? Right? Pennywise!
Ok then I wouldn't be able to go near the TV...

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  1. Aww! So adorable! We just put cabinet locks on the cleaning supplies and left the rest open. Dustyn doesn't really mess with them anymore now.