Monday, November 22, 2010

Date Night Friday

I can not tell ya'll what an awesome time Jimmy and I had Friday night! My friend Erica told me she would watch Mac for us if Jimmy and I wanted to go out. Um. YES!

So I started looking around on Citysearch and came up with a plan to go to Max's Wine Dive for drinks, Pirahna Killer Sushi for dinner and then figure out dessert if we still had room left. A progressive dinner, fun, a little walking and downtown sight seeing.

We dropped Mac off with Erica a little after 7pm and headed downtown. We got to Max's and decided to sit at the bar since we were only going to have a drink. Well, we sat down and decided to have an appetizer and got the Bad A** Chips. YUM! They have an open kitchen so while we were eating and sipping amazing wine we zoned out watching the chefs cook and plate the food. It was sooo cool! The longer we watched the plates of food go out the more our interest was peaked, Pirahna Killer Sushi was put on the back burner (pun intended) and we picked up the menus!

I ordered the Fried Egg Sandwich and Jimmy ordered the Famous Fried Chicken. This place is gourmet comfort food at it's finest. My sandwich was huge and fantastic. It literally made me smile. A lot. Jimmy's chicken was amazing. The crust was awesome!! The mashed potatoes were perfect and the collared greens were phenomenal (and really how many times have you ever heard of collared greens being refered to as phenomenal??).

Our waitress asked us if we were glad we decided to stay and YES a thousand times YES we were! We left, slowly because we were stuffed (I still might be a little stuffed) and took the long way back to the parking garage.

I think the last time Jimmy and I went out to eat alone was when Mac was 3 months old. We were long overdue for a night out but I'm not sure we realized it. This was a fantastic reminder and now we are ready to do this again... so, um, babysitters?? Show of hands...

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  1. Sounds like a good time! You should do it more often.