Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All's Quite on the Western Front...

Whoever said "Silence is Golden" didn't have kids. Silence means somethings up, even brand new, 11 month old parents know this.

This morning things went quite and I went searching. And sure enough things were not as they should be...

Now, I knew he had been walking around with the Puffs but he had never been able to open them before. I also know that it could have been a lot worse, a lot lot worse.

and no I didn't throw them away. I scooped them back up and put them in the can, good as new.

I did leave a few out so he could finish eating them, yes off the floor. What? Like you wouldn't have done the same thing... right? I vaccumed up the crumbs when he was finished. Nothing like having to vaccum at 6:45am!


  1. I would have done the SAME thing. They were still good. :D Too cute!