Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Theaters This Thanksgiving: Hubby Babysitting

Here's a teaser...

TheMom: "Jimmy, I need to take care of some things in the guest/Mac's party staging room can you keep an eye on him?"

Jimmy (playing Madden10): "Sure"

TheMom (exiting livingroom): "K"

(TheMom leaves the room for a while and upon returning to the livingroom finds an interesting situation, grabs camera)

TheMom: "Seriously"

Jimmy (smirk)

Hahaha...How does your husband watch baby?


  1. Ha ha! Too funny!! :D Love it!

  2. That's great!!!! My hubby tends to just turn on the tv and lock the baby in her room. :\

  3. So funny!

    Yesterday I was trying to get Asher off my leg so I could go to the kitchen for a minute. Drew heard the struggle and yelled over to me "just put him in the box." (We have an empty Pampers box that Asher loves to ride around in). Oh, daddies. :o)