Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010: Part 1

We are finally back in Austin and with a day and a half of just sitting around, slowly getting things put back where they belong, I feel like I can sit for a moment and share a little about our Christmas holiday... plus Mac just went down for a nap!

We left for my parents house Saturday, December 18th kicking off our 9 day Christmas Vacation! The trip to Mt. Pleasant from our house in Austin is about 5 hours. We left at 7am, made one stop in Rockwall and arrived at my parents house around noon on Saturday. The drive up there was fine, Mac does so well considering the time he has to spend in the car. He got grouchy around Greenville, which is about 50 minutes from MtP... not bad for a one year old.

Once we got to the house I had to start making a few sweets and icing some cupcakes for Mac's First Birthday Party the next day. I also packed a few of the decorations that were used at his party here in Austin just to give a little Winter ONEderland feel to the house. :) Next year, one party here in Austin. Final answer.

Sunday, party day, I had a couple more decorations to hang but everything came together and turned out great! We had a lot of family there and it was so much fun visiting and letting them play with Mac!

He opened a ton of presents, with help. The attention span is just not there yet!

Then it was smash cake time! This was his second smash cake so he was a pro, he jumped right in!! Icing was everywhere and there was a very needed wardrobe change afterwards!

After cake and presents everyone just sat around, nibbled on sweets and visited. It was awesome. Then of course we had to take a billion group pictures!! All the Great Grandparents, all the Grandparents, all the cousins, Me and Randall with Pearl, Mac with JC, the Preddy Family... you get the picture... haha. So much fun, maybe I will have two parties next year??
Mac's Great Grandmothers. In order Mamaw and then Mama

The Grandparents. Jimmy's mom, Grandma Judy (she made the trip from Mena, Arkansas for Mac's birthday party),Mac, Nana and Pops.

The Cousins.

Me, Pearl and Randall. Pearl used to babysit Randall and me. When I was little I would tell my mom, when I wasn't getting what I wanted, that I was just going to go live with Pearl! (Still use that sometimes too.) Ha!

JC, Mac and Me. JC is Pearl's husband, he threatened to spank Randall with a flip flop once when Randall wasn't doing as instructed!!

The Preddy Family. From Left to Right: Christopher, Lydia, Aunt Sheryl, Neeley, Lauren (Chantz's girlfriend), Chantz.

And I could not let this birthday celebration go without getting a picture of the birthday boy (Dec 17th) with the two people who's birthday preceed his: Me (Dec 15th) and Uncle Randall (Dec 16th).

Neeley wanted in on the action too... who could blame her! We were having so much fun!!

Thanks to Michelle for my package of awesome star birthday sunglasses! They made great props and logged several minutes of hilarious birthday fun for us and those laughing at, er, with us!!!

Christmas 2010: Part 2 coming soon! (Mac is still asleep but I am not going to push my luck in thinking I can complete part 2 with pictures before he gets up from his nap!!) ;)


  1. What great pictures!!! Mac's party looks like it was a blast.

  2. Looks like a great time. I can't believe you did two parties. ha ha. you are a brave woman.