Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010: Part 2

Wow this week is getting away from me! It's already Thursday! Back to Christmas vacation week...

After Mac's party we just relaxed the rest of the day, getting ready for last minute gift purchasing on Monday. We left the house Monday around noon, Mac took a long nap and happened to go down for his nap right around the time we were wanting to leave for town. We went to a ton of places, I still needed to get Randall's birthday present and Christmas present and Dad's gift. Mom still had a few things to get and we had to go grocery shopping. I took care of the last of my list AND found a fish cookie cutter and fun birthday candles for Mac's second birthday party (I know I'm sick, you should have seen the crazy look my Mother gave me when I picked them up and told her why I wanted them). We got home late and were seriously exhausted.

The next morning, Tuesday, Jimmy, Mac and I left for Mena, Arkansas to visit his family. His Mom had a great spaghetti dinner waiting on us when we got there and after we ate she gave Mac his Christmas present! It was a really cute truck that carries cars and talks/counts. We have all enjoyed playing with it but Mac loves it!

Then we went to visit Jimmy's Grandpa and Mrs. Ida.

We had dinner with his sister and her family later that evening (I didn't have my camera) and had a really nice visit with them. Wednesday we ate breakfast with his mother and made another visit over at his Grandpa's house and then headed back to MtP.

After we got back to to my parents house we just sat around for the rest of the day. We did go outside for a little bit with Mac all bundled up so he could take a ride in his wagon that he got for his birthday from Nana and Pops. During the wagon ride we stopped in the front yard to help Pops hunt the gopher gang that is tearing up our whole yard! We were unsuccessful. (and of course I never ran in to get my camera but Mac was hilarious hunting gophers!) That night after supper we played the game "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader". We had a lot of fun, I will not tell you the outcome other than there were some winners and there were some losers. HAHA

Thursday I left Mac with Mom and Jimmy and I ran to town on a last minute errand for Santa, he runs out of time just like the rest of us, but we were happy to oblige. But before we could take care of Santa's list we met my Dad at Hamilton's, the jewelry store in MtP, to help him shop for Mom!! She got diamond earrings this year!! Jimmy and I finished up our to do list and were hungry, Jimmy said "Where is somewhere that you never..." I cut him off with "RANDY'S BURGERS!!!!". So we were off to have the greatest burgers on earth, this was Jimmy's first Randy's experience and he is now a major fan!

Later that evening, after my brother got off work and we had finished eating supper we headed over to Mt. Vernon, about 25 minutes from MtP, to check out the North Pole of Texas. This guy and his family have been turning their home into the North Pole and inviting visitors for the past 3 years. It was a two hour wait to ride the train for about 15 minutes, it was cold too, but awesome! and sooo worth the wait. (if you ask my brother he will say differently, however, 4.5 of us enjoyed it).

My Dad L.O.V.E.S to take picutes! He is always saying "Wait!, Get the camera!" (read:sarcasim)

It was fun trying to get our, um, petite family in this train car! HA!

But at the end of the ride we got to see SANTAAAAAAAA!!!!

We had sooooo much fun doing this together, oh next year? Um once is probably enough but we can just look at the pictures and remember! hehehe

I will wrap up Christmas 2010 in Part 3 soon (yes he is napping right now)... hopefully tonight. There are some super cute pictures of Mac that you have to see!!!


  1. I love Mac's hat (it looks like it matches Eli's sock monkey). And your commentary seriously made me LOL.

    I'm so glad y'all had a great Christmas. But I miss talking to you every day!

  2. So cute. I love his hate. Looks like so much fun. I love the Christmas lights.