Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010: Part 3

Christmas Eve! On Christmas Eve we usually start snacking early evening, have supper, and then continue snacking until we just can't move! Mom only makes sausage balls and pinwheels twice a year, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve so you have to eat a lot to get your fill for the year. I did. On top of that we had queso and southwestern dip and some sweets. Mom made taco soup for supper, tasty tasty stuff!

We, my Mom and I with much resistance from my brother and Dad, managed to get our annual Christmas Eve family picture taken. You should have heard the whining!! I do have to brag that my two men were perfectly flexible to the pictures and promptly did as instructed :) hehe.

I had a special outfit picked out for Mac to wear Christmas Eve... so adorable. Here are some pictures!

Sitting next to his stocking. (The one he came home from the hospital in...)

Cookies for Santa!!
Waiting on Santa...

And then... Finally... After a whole, long year of being extra special good... It happened...


It was worth the wait and the effort of being good! This was Mac's haul from Santa...

And if you ever doubted him, you shouldn't because Santa knows what's up. The stocking full of tissue paper was an especially big hit! Tissue paper action shot...

And let the present giving and receiving begin!

Jimmy got his very first pair of cowboy boots from my parents.
Remember the box Mac was sitting on... it was this super cool race track!
Randall with his new wallet.
Mac's gift to his Dad. Rudolph!

Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast is breakfast pizza. It is soooo good, we almost the entire two whole pizzas! We only get breakfast pizza once a year and it's a shame but it makes it even better! I didn't think of taking a picture of it until just now so maybe I will remember to get one next year... ha!

After we opened our gifts and ate our yummy breakfast we went to my Mama's house to exchange gifts with my Dad's side of the family. This year we were having Christmas lunch with them so we went back to the house (just down the old country road) and started cooking. We went back to Mama's for lunch around noon, I say we it was actually just Mom, Dad, Jimmy and Randall as Mac feel asleep. Mac and I went later though and got to visit. After lunch some of the guys went out to play with my cousin TJ's modified potato gun...

This is TJ shooting the tennis ball up into the air...

Randall, Van and Jimmy waiting...

And then running to catch the tennis ball that was shot up in the air: Van's comment "you know it's a redneck Christmas when someone comes in and says 'Ok if anything happens, this is what we were trying to do...'".

Mac met his cousins, Katie and Carly for the first time.

We left there, went by the house and unloaded food, loaded presents for my Mom's side of the family and headed to town to Mamaw's house. We opened presents and chatted for a while.

Despite this look he REALLY likes his new John Deere wheeler.

Mac developed a new gift opening technique...

And the traditional Christmas group pictures:
The McAlister Women

Mom and Aunt Sheryl

Me and Lydia

We made the guys take a group picture... mainly because we knew how much they would hate it! hehehe

Then we ate supper. I was not hungry but you couldn't tell that from my plate because it was loaded with Mamaw's dressing, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy smothering both and green beans and a roll. My Mamaw's dressing is the best. I know you may think your family members dressing is the best, you are wrong. Mamaw wins. Of course I couldn't eat that and then hurt Aunt Sheryl's feelings by not eating some of her Dump Cake and chocolate pie, so I did. I mean it is Christmas and all. :)

After we finished eating and cleaning up the kitchen, loading our new gifts into the car (and talking some more cuz that's what we looooove to do) we headed back out to the house. Jimmy and I loaded up the Expedition, I wish I had taken a picture, until the entire back was full and part of the middle seat. We wanted everything loaded before we went to bed since we were trying to leave early to beat traffic.

And we did. We were on the road by 7am and ran into practically no traffic! It was great! When we got home and had the car unloaded I managed to get everything put into the room it belonged in... I am still working on getting things put away. Mac took a nap and we relaxed but later we watched Rudolph together! A new tradition we will keep as a new family! :)

Christmas was perfect. I hope yours was too!


  1. I LOVE Mac's pajamas. So cute and he was being Naughty. lol. Dustyn would have loved a stocking full of tissue paper too. Very cute. Great photos.

  2. Wow. I love so much about this entry! The pjs, the biting boxes, and the story about the dressing and gravy... Merry Christmas to all!