Monday, December 13, 2010

My Little Man

I have been a bad blogger lately. Barely posting but I am back, for the most part! I will do better this week, next week we will be out of town for Christmas with the family but we will be back the following week and I am sure to have tons of pictures for posting!!

Here are a few pictures from this past week...

For Mac's birthday our buddy Nick gave him some pj's. They are so dang cute it's not funny.

Here is his little JohnDeere beanie that Cynthia gave him for his birhday! So cute! He even keeps it on! And he is sitting in his new carseat! He actually fits in it, I had been stuffing him into his infant seat for, um, too long...

This is the Sock Monkey knit hat that I bought him from Etsy. I love it! I keep putting it on him and he keeps trying to pull it off by the ear but we are working on just leaving it alone so Mom can just stare at him mesmerized by all the cuteness!!

This picture is from last Monday when we played hookie. He opened birthday presents through out the day from his party on Sunday. Here he is with his second favorite gift...

He is putting his new pj's to the test here. He finished his bottle, rolled over and was down for the count! (if you look behind him there is a box, that was his number one favorite bday gift... yes he loves the toy that was in the box but THE BOX! Oh man he jumped up and down on it, crawled on top and sat on it and played with it till he split the seams!)


  1. Great pictures. Love that john deere hat. Do you know where they got it? Yes the boxes are the best. ha ha!