Friday, January 21, 2011

Funny Thing

Tuesday (yes, Tuesday. Are you really that surprised I am running behind) on the way home from work and picking up Mac I got a little surprise while driving on the on ramp to the upper deck of IH35. Wanna see?

Yeah. That's my son posted up on the console while we are driving down the road. Now before you freak out and call Child Protective Services remember that this is rush hour traffic and we were probably topped out at about 20 mph if we were moving at all (thus the pictures).

Now the upper deck does not have a shoulder wide enough for me to get out and A) not get hit by a car and B) open the door wide enough for me to wrangle Mac back into his carseat. So we had to wait until the upper and lower decks converged which was about a mile.

So I held on to his arm as we drove. It was so weird to have him just sitting there hanging out having fun while I was silently freaking out that I was going to get pulled over and then have to call my husband and tell him our kid just got repossessed because I didn't have him in a carseat!

As soon as we got the the end of the split, I promplty pulled over onto the very roomie shoulder of IH35. I still didn't get out, I practically crawled into the backseat and buckled Mac into his carseat properly. I think what happened is that when I picked him up from daycare he was holding his sippy cup and then when I put him in his carseat he threw it. I had put his arms threw the shoulder restaints but after picking up the sippy cup and having the "do you still want this or no" convo with my one year old and supsequently picking the sippy cup up again actually buckling him into the carseat was, um, skipped. So he just slipped his arms out and hopped down to come see what the big deal was about the front seat.

I am not happy that I was destracted enough to not continue buckling him into his carseat but I am happy that at least it was rush hour and we were not traveling fast at all. If we had been I can assure you there would be no pictures, promise. After he was strapped back into his seat we got back on the road and made it home without any other problems or baby carseat escapes.


  1. Omg, that is too funny (and also freakin' scary!!!)! The pictures of Mac just hanging out cracked me up!

    And if it makes you feel any better, (1) when Eli was still in his infant seat (maybe eight months old), I did the same thing with a sippy cup and ended up forgetting to buckle him. I discovered it once I got home. He was fine, of course, but I was mortified. And (2), when we did our big road trip to Wyoming when he was only 2.5 months old, you do NOT want to know how many times I took him out of his car seat (while Scott was driving) to change his diaper or calm him down when he would cry.

  2. Ha! I admit that Brad and I forgot to buckle Gabe in to his infant seat that first week home with him. To make it worse, I was riding in the backseat next to him and should have noticed. We realized when we got home. Oops.

  3. All of the kids are still alive and we all have learned important lessons. Marty and I have done the forgetting to buckle Cavanaugh into his infant seat as well as taking him out of the carseat to soothe/change him. So far, Tilde hasn't got to breakout of the seat thanks to her parents. But give us time, it is bound to happen.

  4. Hilarious! I bet you were a nervous wreck!

  5. That is funny and crazy. One time we drove a WHOLE hour without knowing Dustyn wasn't strapped in. I thought Kenny did it and he thought I did it. He never even tried to get up. We didn't realize it till we got to our destination. We didn't make that mistake again. So don't feel bad. :D