Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Texas Inauguration

This past Tuesday was the Inauguration and I (was) volunteered to work one of the gates checking tickets. It was cold, windy and so much fun! The gate that I had to work was very close to the stage. See...

As I mentioned it was cold. It wasn't supposed to be so I left my nice warm wool coat at home! Luckily my co-worker let me take hers! This is Debbie and me before it started.

Just before the swearing in...

The Governor and Lt. Governor were sworn in by the Honorable Wallace B. Jefferson, Chief Justice of the Supremem Court of Texas. I could only get the back of Perry and Dewhurst heads while they were being sworn in but I got Jefferson :)
Lt. Governor Dewhurst

Governor Perry

And for working all the volunteers got a ticket to the BBQ, however, we were completely frozen and had lost all feeling in our feet so we went to the Chili Parlor instead of standing in a line for an hour to eat BBQ (since in the next 2 months we will eat our weight in free BBQ). Please excuse my ugly windblown hair.

Oh and see the really really tall guy...

Yep that's David Robinson!!

It was a fun day, I was out of the office for most of the day so it made the day pass a lot faster than just sitting at my desk!!


  1. Very cool! You got some great pictures.
    And I L-O-V-E David Robinson. LOVE him!!!! Ahh, if I could just touch his arms, I would die and go to heaven.

  2. How fun. Great photos.