Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MLK Monday Morning

I work for the state and with that I got to spend the MLK holiday in my pj's at the house. After Jimmy left for work, around 6:30am, I decided that there was no way I was going to make it without coffee... we were out.

So I put a beanie on Mac...

and we were off to Sonic, the closest fast food/coffee place to the house. And I returned home with this...

$1.61 for some sanity and a large black coffee to which I promptly added hazelnut fat free creamer (I mean I'm grown but not grown enough for black coffee just yet)

Soooo haaapppyyyy... and now I can feed my child. We had left over blueberry muffins, yummy yummy!!

and Scary Spice in the a.m.

HA! Ok so that's all the pictures I took on Monday. I got up and thought I would photo blog my whole day but I didn't make it till the end of breakfast!! But we had so much fun playing and being as lazy as we could be on the last holiday I will be given until the end of session. (We might get Good Friday but you never know in session years)

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