Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This picture was taken this morning. He was being less than cooperative, he had NO Valentine's Day love going on for me or for the bear. I may try again tonight but I will see how the evening shapes up, Valentine bear(VB) got bit so not sure I want to press my luck.

**Outtakes from the "We need to be leaving the house RIGHT NOW but let's try and get a picture with your 2010 Valentine bear before school??!!" photo shoot...

VB getting thrown:

The bite:

VB asphyxiation:

Whispered Intimidation:

Maybe I will just wait till he goes to sleep and arrange him in a Valentine's set up like I did last year...

And take pictures until he wakes up and I get caught...

And then take more pictures until I get a smile!!



  1. So cute... especially the pictures from last year!

  2. He he! Too cute! Love these. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!