Thursday, July 7, 2011

MtP Trip: Going Home

You remember when you're young and you know everything and you can't wait to get out in the big wide world and away from your parents... so stupid. There is nothing more important than family and it's sad that we don't fully appreciate this until later in life but I suppose it makes the time we spend with them even more special and memorable. This past weekend Mac and I went to visit Nana, Pops and Uncle Randall (and Aunt Sheryl, Uncle Glenn, Mamaw, Mama, Christopher, Lydia and Neeley, whew) in Mt. Pleasant. It was a great and seriously needed trip home!

We got into town around 2pm Thursday and let me tell you when I pulled into the drive way, instant relaxation. There is nothing better than being home! Once we got into the house it didn't take Mac long to discover a present from Nana and Pops, Nana was still in town running errands but that didn't deter little man from his new shovel, rake and hoe gardening set! haha. He hoed and raked the heck out of the kitchen tile all weekend.

He loved the gardening set so much that we had to take it to the park Saturday...(more on that later)

Friday we went to town and had lunch at Mamaw's house with Sheryl, Christopher and Randall stopped by before going back to work. Christopher earned major points with all the cookies he kept giving Mac.

I really have no idea how many he gave him during lunch!

After lunch we headed out to Wal-Mart for a few things. Mac ended up with a festive 4th of July light...

and an $8 blow up swimming pool that was a major hit! Mom definitely got her $8 worth out of the pool. Mac LOVED IT!!

Just incase anyone forgot about the no diving, no jumping etc. safety stuff...

Thanks to Uncle Randall for blowing up the pool and playing!!

While Mom was cooking supper and before pool time that night (Friday night) Uncle Randall and Mac played with Randall's old toy wagon and animals. Mac loved pulling this around the last time he was there and this time was no different. They played for a long time in the drive way pushing the animals up the incline and letting them roll back down. Mac thought this was just the best thing ever.

"I hollered, 'Don't Look, Ethel!'. Oh yes they call him the streak, fastest thing on two feet" Sorry had a Ray Stevens moment.

He got away when he was getting out of his swim suit and swim diaper! HEhehee I grabbed the camera and hoped he didn't pee before I could snap a pic or two and get him in a diaper!

Later that evening after Dad got home and settled in Mac helped him feed Sandi. Sandi and Mac have a love hate relationship. Mac loves Sandi, Sandi hates Mac. But apparently when Mac has food Sandi is cool with him... until the food runs out!

We really were shocked that Sandi was letting Mac feed her. She doesn't let him get too close.

I think by the time we left, Sandi had gotten more used to Mac being around and Mac had gotten a lot better about how to pet her. I think Sandi secretly likes Mac know...

MtP Trip to be continued! The Park and A Fish Fry...


  1. He is getting sooooo big. Adorable photos. Looks like so much fun!!

  2. I'm so glad y'all had fun... I wish MtP were closer!

  3. Going home is the best! Getting tons of cookies is what visiting the grandparents is all about. Asher is still detoxing from all the treats he had on our recent trips.