Friday, July 8, 2011

MtP Trip: The Park and A Fish Fry

Still in MtP. It's Saturday, lunch at the park day. Tons of fun day!

We got up and Mom cooked regular Saturday breakfast of bacon, eggs and biscuits! I love being at home...did I say that already? Dad was off the rest of the weekend so he got to have breakfast with us and we invited him to the park as well.

We had planned a park day so that Mac and Neeley could play and so that we could visit with the family.

Lydia, Neeley, Mamaw, and Sheryl met us up there. We had lawn chairs under the pavilion and let the kids run around. Dad did meet up with us later and brought Sandi. Mac got to walk Sandi... or Sandi walked Mac??

Dad did not stay to eat lunch with us so we had to tell Pops and Sandi bye...

Of course what good is a MtP trip without Randy's Burgers for lunch!! We called in our order and Mom went to pick them up... sooooo tasty!! No pics of lunch because I dove right in. Christopher joined us for lunch and promptly start shoveling cookies into Mac's face, again.

After lunch we played...


got dirty...

had some water to get all the dirt out of our mouth...

threw a fit...ok more than one fit but this is the one that was captured on film (film?), er pixels?!

and hung out with the family.

And the obligatory group picture of Mamaw and the grands/great grands.

We had a great time at the park. Mac was so tired I think he went to sleep as soon as Mom turned on the Suburban and put it in reverse to leave! We headed home to rest up and let Mac sleep for a while. Randall had invited us to his house for a fish fry and who were we to turn him down.

Randall has turned into quite the chef since he moved out of our parents home. He has come a long way from his first spaghetti dinner! I didn't get a picture of him cooking. Yes, shame on me. It was really good though. He and his friend have been fishing quite a lot lately, he has a whole freezer full of fish he has caught and cleaned. It looked a little too full so I volunteered to take some off his hands. :) That's a good sister right there, lemmetellya.

Before supper we went out to Randall's porch to look for his ducks. They were on the other side of the pond so Randall got some feed...Mac helped throw it out.

Kelsy helped too. :)

Saturday was a fun family filled day!

To be continued... MtP Trip: Sunday Funday, The 4th and A Chainsaw

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  1. I love all the park photos. Looks like a great day.