Monday, July 11, 2011

Mtp Trip: Sunday Funday, The 4th and A Chainsaw

Today is the last installment of the MtP Trip update! I guess that means I will have to start taking pictures again so I will have something to blog about... ha!

Sunday morning Mom made pancakes for breakfast! Yum-tastic! I make pancakes fairly often the same way Mom does but by some unexplainable force everything always tastes better at home! (wait maybe it's because I am not having to cook??) Anyway, yay breakfast! *Can you tell I like to eat?? Everytime time I write about a meal there are no pictures? No time to waste with picture taking when I have food ready to be shoveled into my face!! haha!

Mom plays the piano at church and she wanted to practice the special a little before she left but ended up giving Mac his first piano lesson.

He played the piano all weekend and danced while he was playing! It was too funny and too cute.

After church we ran to town to visit a friend in ICU. :( We stayed there for a little while and then ran to Brookshires for a few grocery items which included a package of Little Swimmers diapers! After his nap he was ready for "oot si", that's outside for those who don't speak Mac.

Sunday at the pool...
Mac loved having his Pops throw water on him! We are not sure why because this water was cold! We get our water from a well and we put fresh water in the pool before he got in. He was making the funniest faces when Dad poured the water on him!

How's the water?

Of course, being the independent toddler that he is he decided he wanted to pour the water on himself so Pops helped him with that too. Pops would fill up the cup that Mac would hold out and then Mac would pour the water on his head!

Who's having the best time ever? This kid...

And a few more pool pictures that I just love!

And the best way to wrap up Sunday Funday in MtP... with a little Jack in the Box. Obviously.

Monday. Happy 4th of July!! Hooray for Independence and an excuse to fire up the grill! Dad smoked chicken and ribs, Mom made potato salad and baked beans and Mac and I ate till we popped!! It was sooooo goooood! Mac seriously loved the chicken and ribs!

Mostly we just spent the day being lazy. Dad did a little tree pruning so that the Direct TV signal could make it to the satallite, the local channels were not coming in correctly... ha!

Mac enjoyed a popsicle...

He went on a four wheeler ride.

And he had a couple of visitors.

Once it got dark we headed to town to watch the firework display put on by Trinity church. Mac was asleep by the time we got there but woke up just before the fireworks started. I didn't get a picure of him in his 4th of July shirt so I will have to "recreate" the moment later. He was not too sure of all the loud sparkles in the sky so I had to hold him most of the time but he did sit with Sheryl for the last half of the show.

Here are some pictures that my Mom took of the fireworks...


"What Frog? You don't want to leave tomorrow? Yeah, neither do I but Mom said we would come back real soon."

Tuesday morning we were on the road, bright and early by 8am. We had a great trip and it was hard to leave. And one thing is for sure... We will be back real soon.


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  1. I love these. Looks like sooo much fun. Cute photos.