Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exciting Weekend In MtP: Saturday/Sunday

and now for the rest of the MtP trip...

Saturday after our big breakfast Mom, Jimmy, Mac and I went to Cavenders in Pittsburg so Jimmy could get some mink oil for his boots. He ended up finding a really cool burnt orange pearl snap on sale so he purchased that as well. We looked at boots for Mac but he had fallen asleep on the way over there so we didn't wake him up to try them on. After Cavenders we ate at McDonalds and Mac got a halloween candy bucket complete with stickers!

After McDonalds it was time to head to Neeley's party! Neeley picked a Tinkerbell theme and it was very cute! Mac had a blast playing on the slide and in the bounce house. He drove Neeley's car around the yard and explored in the woods. The bigger kids were amazing and took Mac under their wings and played with him in the bounce house so that he wouldn't get hurt. They pulled him around in the wagon after presents and cake time. It was really a site. I honestly thought they would get irritated having a "baby" in the mix but they scooped him up and made sure he was having fun and not getting hurt!

Party Pics!

And of course we MUST have some pictures of the Birthday Girl Neeley!! She turned 5 on October 30th. Neeley is my second cousin and half the time I call her my niece. Neeley and her family mean so much to me and we are so close that cousin just doesn't seem to cut it!

Later that evening Randall and Kelsy came out to the house and Dad grilled burgers for everyone and Mac helped!

Mac, how do you grill hamburgers?

"First you take this scapper thingy and clean the grill off"

"Like so..."

"Then you scrape the ashes into the ash bucket"

"And then dump them in Nana's flowers, er, at the the end of the house."

"Then you add charcoal briquettes"

"Lighter fluid"

"Then you take the lighter"

"And light it!"


"Too much lighter fluid!"

"I'm out."

"I'm not gonna be around when Nana finds out about this."

Mac, what happened out there?



"I don't know."

The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful and very relaxing. We left around 10am on Sunday morning to head home. Once again it was a perfect trip home!

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