Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's A 'Shutterfly' Christmas!

Yes, you read that correctly, I said Christmas! And when you think of Christmas what's the first thing that comes to mind! CHRISTMAS CARDS! Ok, maybe it's not the first thing, but they rank pretty high on the "Christmas is only 'X' weeks away and I still have to..." list.

I have been thinking about Christmas cards for a few weeks but I am in 'birthday party planning mode' for the first birthday that is about to happen at my house so Christmas cards keep getting shoved to the back seat! Well, I was on the blog It's "A" Sweet Life reading her latest post and she was talking about Shutterfly and how they are offering a special promotion for bloggers to earn 50 free Christmas cards by blogging about Shutterfly's Christmas selection. My interest peaked, the Christmas cards I had been putting off could be done online! I was off to Shutterfly!!

I have been looking around their website and they have an incredible Christmas card selection!! I just don't know how I can choose!! Here are 3 of my favorites:

Yeah, I know. How stink'n cute are those! But they have so much more than just holiday and Christmas cards.

You can get Christmas gift tags, I like these:

And while you are checking "Christmas Cards" off that "To Do List" you can start purchasing Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Their photo calendars would be a great gift and the canvas prints could get you some major points with a grandma or two.

I seriously can't wait to start working on Christmas cards, it's going to be so easy with Shutterfly!

Ps. Tons of items on their site are 20% off. Who doesn't love a sale!!


  1. I think you earned your 50 free ones! Thanks for the tip, although I am partial to another site;-)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't even thought about Christmas cards. Dang!